Wow Cups Featured On Chicago 3 Media

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Chicago 3 Media interviewed Who Knew Books author Bruce Lubin at the International Home + Housewares Show where he discussed some of new and noteworthy Telebrands products including Ankle Genie, Grassology, Pocket Hose, Teddy Tanks and Wow Cups! Bruce Lubin walked the reporter through the products and provided a full description of how they work and why they are the “must have” items of the year. Watch the whole video on their website here!

Gadgeteer’s In-Depth Review

wow cup review gadgeteer

Although they don’t have kids running around, The-Gadgeteer blog wanted to see the ‘Wow’ factor of Wow Cups for themselves.  They ordered the product and took it apart to really understand how it works, and also to test and see if it really DOES work.  The reviewer was impressed that the cup was easy to use and in fact, did not spill.

“Before I tried the Wow Cup, I thought drinking from it would feel weird. I was surprised that it feels completely natural and is not difficult. I don’t think kids will have any problem drinking from the Wow Cup. The Wow Cup is a simple product that does one thing very simply. It prevents spills. . . it works as advertised and is offered at a decent price of $10 for one cup or $16.99 for two cups.”

See the rest of the images and the full Gadgeteer review on their website here. 

Wow Cups on Does it Work Wednesday

Wow Cup Review

Wow Cup Review

Wow Cups was featured on “Does It Work Wednesday” and was given a positive review by the children using it! The young girl had so much fun playing with the cup, and not spilling a bit! Check out the video here for the full review.

Wow Cup: Put to the Test!

Wow Cup!

Wow Cup!

Wow Cup was once again featured on a news segment to see if it really works. It was tested vigorously by day care children and in the end, it did exactly its job! Kids could get juice out of the Wow Cup by sucking, almost like one sucks a straw, and when dropped, tipped or shook the Wow Cup remained spill free! The news anchor called the Wow Cup “remarkable”.

Little Maya Loves the Wow Cup!

Wow Cup Review

Wow Cup Review

The Wow Cup was put to the test by little Maya and it “worked like a charm” for her. She was able to get the hang of sipping the cup instantly and loved throwing it around without any spills! Her parents say that it is now her most requested cup! WOW! It was deemed a deal. You can see the video here for the full report.

Kid Friendly Product Review

wow cup kid friendly product

WCCB-TV CW News Charlotte, NC reviewed the Wow Cup in its “Zell or Zilch” segment on Kid Friendly products. The reporter took a video of his son using the cup.  His son was able to sip from the Wow Cup after a few seconds.  The young boy also flipped the cup over, shook it and nothing spilled.  The hosts loved the product, giving it two thumbs up!

ABC Norfolk “Does It Work?” Segment

wow cup test

 WVEC-TV ABC News Norfolk, VA featured Wow Cups in its “Does it Work” segment. The reporter had a Virginia Beach local Alison, and her 15-month old daughter Aubrey test the Wow Cup.  The mother was extremely skeptical at first, but the toddler was able to sip out of the cup immediately. When they tipped the cup over, it didn’t spill. The mother was very impressed with Wow Cup and its benefits, and she highly recommended it to the viewers.  This review segment can also be seen on Yahoo, Bing, and MSN!