Top 3 Kids Vacation Destinations!

walt-disney-world-01-v1Looking to plan a vacation for the summer that will guarantee a smile on your child’s face? Look no further! Today we are going to be telling you about the Top 3 Destinations  for kids to visit for vacation.

  1. Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort – Almost 50 miles large empire of fun. Is a little price at $60 per entrant but will create a life long memory. All types of activities from, theme park, water parks, hotels, fireworks, character meet and greets, not to mention the atmosphere just turns anyone into a bubbly, ear-to-ear smiling child!
  2. Discovery Cove – Only a few miles from our #1, this life-astounding experience will be one you will never forget. Be sure the kids are 6 years or older and they will be able to enjoy this place to the fullest. From playing with dolphins to interacting with stingrays and many other sea creatures. The scenery is extremely nice and contains many different unique species of birds. Although a little pricey (varies from season) it is an all inclusive destination for fun!
  3. Monterey Bay Aquarium – This enormous aquarium is beautiful destination on the end of California’s rocky coast. From toddler fun to big shark tanks, you can experience it all here! This is the one place we can guarantee fun for both kids & adults! With some many different acts and exhibits to check out this trip will leave you with no dull moments. One tough thing you may encounter is having your kids leave one awesome event to see another! Best of all this is the cheapest one on our list!

No more waiting needed get on to your favorite travel site or contact your agent and enjoy the summer sun and fun!

Make sure you bring the Wow Cup along for the ride to avoid any issues around the park!

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Wow Cup Is A Mom’s Choice Award Winner


     Wow Cup was just given the ” Mom’s Choice Award” by Mommy Of 3 , Blogger, Tester and Author Erinn Sluka! Sluka went through rigorous efforts to decide if our product would be victorious and triumph over the other “sippy cups” but she found out they had no chance. She declared our cup the perfect one for kids of all ages, and reveal a new hidden use for it ! To find out which one that was check out the rest of her blog HEREbut no matter how many times she washed, banged, threw, or tried to spill our amazing WOW CUP it held up to the test ! If a mother of 3 approves so should you!

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Q&A With CEO Aj Khubani

Q&A With CEO Khubani

PBJ sat down with AJ Khubani, creator of the As Seen On TV Logo and founder & CEO of Telebrands, for a Q&A with this legend to talk about his career and life. But much to readers surprise, Khubani’s ride hasn’t been a smooth, only up-hill journey. In fact, he went bankrupt three times! This is a must read for all entrepreneurs to read, or anyone interested in the story of someone taking their mistakes and failures and having that lead them to success. His story is unique and inspiring and we recommend everyone check it out!

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Keep Those Kids Busy on Long Car Rides This Summer!

70712Madlibs_for_the_CarSummertime often means road trips for the family and we know no matter how long or short the ride, kids are going to get bored out of their minds. And, if you have a couple of them in the infamous back seat, the fighting and name calling is enough to send you to the brink! But if you really prepare before your trip, you can definitely turn your ride into a most happy one and here’s a few simple suggestions to help do just that!

You’ve gotta keep those little heads occupied, so develop a checklist of a myriad of things to do like board games, puzzles, art work, audio books, hand held video games and a variety of things so when they get tired of one thing you move them onto another! (Hopefully they wear themselves out and fall to sleep for a while!)

For your own sanity, the best thing is to find activities that don’t require a whole lot of parts and messy pieces to junk up the car. Having them get creative is always good fun, so drawing, coloring and scrap booking can keep them busy for a while. Another thing to consider are both group and individual activities so they can have the choice of doing what they feel like.

Of course, food and drink is always important, but keeping the mess in check will definitely make for a better time for all. That’s WOW Cups are the perfect companion for any trip or adventure – no spills on the seats, clothes and carpets and that is just one less thing you’ll need to worry about on your trek!

Here’s a few links to some great little articles with a multitude of ideas on how to keep the youngins busy while you hold onto your sanity on those long summer car trips!

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HomeWorld Magazine is Crazy for Telebrands!

AJ Khubani's Keynote Address

As Seen On TV Kids Products

New Products from Telebrands

In HomeWorld Magazine’s issue from June 23rd, 2014, there are 3 articles that feature Telebrands! HomeWorld touches on our CEO AJ Khubani’s keynote address to the Montclair University business graduates, as well as Telebrands venture into kids products, one being the Teddy Tank and some of the new products coming from Telebrands, like Up & Under Doggy Steps.

Checkout HomeWorld Magazines issue to read up on all the Telebrands news, what we’re doing and where we came from! Until next time, keep coming back to our products’ blogs  for all the news & reviews that you’ll need!

Wow Cup Featured In The International Housewares Show

International Housewares Show

International Housewares Show

At the International Housewares Show, national GateHouse Media featured two of Telebrands products in their highlights of the show. These products were the Hurricane Spin Mop and of course, Wow Cups.

Wow Cup was highlighted in the article that was titled “Just for the kiddos” because many of the products presented in the Housewares Show in Chicago where targeted for children. Wow Cup was chosen as one of the many products to be featured in this article stating that it is a “sippy cup on steroids”. It talks of the no-straw or spout sippy cup that has auto-seal technology. They mention that Wow Cup is perfect for all ages of children, young and older too and it is the perfect solution for kids to stop spilling accidents. It truly is an amazing product!

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Wow Cup vs. World Cup – Which Is Better?

WowCupFifaThrophyTime and time again there becomes clashing of the cups, and only one can be superior! Today we dissect which cup has the upper hand on many different criteria with our special cup analyst. Get ready to reveal which cup is the ultimate prize!

chart wow cup There is a clear winner here, and our cup analyst gives the advantage to the Wow Cup! Just in case your team didn’t make it this far don’t be upset you can still enjoy the features of a superior product and cup! This cup will cheer up and little fan or make them feel like a true champion.

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