Drinks That Taste Like Summer

Summer Drinks for Kids

Summer Drinks for Kids

With a change in seasons comes a change in tastes & preferences for outfits, foods, drinks, habits, etc! What we’re most excited for is the summer drinks. Are you wondering what to fill your child’s Wow Cup with in the coming summer months? We think it should be drinks that make you feel like summer is here…we think it should taste like summer! What are some of the classic, summer-lovin’ drinks that kids will love, and you will love to give to your kids? To only name few:

Strawberry Lemonade
Watermelon Aqua Fresca
Raspberry Spritzer
Iced Fruit Punch
Ginger Switchel 
Berry Lemonade

Mmmm, just thinking about these drinks transports us to a relaxing day by the pool! The best part? While your kids drink these amazing summer drinks in there Wow Cups, you don’t have to worry about it spilling and causing a sticky mess. Keep relaxing this summer with these delicious drinks!

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Mothers Aren’t Maids, How To Teach Your Kids To Be Cleaner!

Wow Cups are here to help, we already solved the #1 issue with kids today spilling their delicious drink all over the place making a mess or causing a seen in public! We won’t stop there, we are here again to help you teach your kids how to be neater and even cleaners. Lets get this straight, we all need stop stepping on toys and causing excruciating pain, we are going to tell you how to fix this along with other small mishaps that stumble along the way! Although, your toddler won’t be able to take out the garbage or clean the ficus they will be able to do these small thing to make your day a little bit easier, and I am sure the kids will love that too!

Today’s Tips Teaching Toddlers To Clean Up:

  • Be example! As for most things, people learn and listen by following examples and toddlers are the exacts same way. Start by cleaning up after yourself allowing your child to see you do so! This will start imprint the vision of straightening up and not leaving a mess. It will also allow you to clean up as you go and make your house even more neat.
  • Timing! Time is what keeps kid in check,  even as infants schedules keep them on point for sleeping. Do the same thing for clean up time schedule when you feel is right, because making your child clean up their toys when their just going to play with them an hour later is a waste. I recommend 2 times per day once in the morning/afternoon and once in the evening. Try this one out!
  • Give REWARDS! Ice cream, dessert, special dinners, new toys, more play time, game time, whatever you feel is sufficient after they do a job well done give them a little something to let them know you appreciate how they just behaved!
  • Limitations! Kids today have so many toys and that is good for them to show expression of what they like and develop naturally or gravitate to their likings! However, try giving them a limitation of how many toys they can take out at once! This will not only help less clutter and floor danger for you but it will teach them numbers and appreciation for the toys they do take out! Start high, then lower it more and more until your at a number both can agree on!

Try out all these tips and preempt yourself from stepping on one of your kid’s favorite toys and breaking your foot or better yet their toy! We all love our kids, and these small steps will teach them values, respect and organization skills which are crucial when growing up!

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Poonam Khubani–Forbes Women Business Leader

Khubani--Women Business Leader

Out of all the women in business, we are extremely proud and honored to have Senior Vice President, International Sales of Telebrands, Poonam Khubani, as one of Forbes Women Business Leaders in America. Forbes magazine is one of the most widely read business magazines in the world, featuring original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. Poonam’s article portrays her qualities that stand out from so many others, making her a Business Leader of America.

Poonam was born in India, and prior to moving to the United States, the former actress worked in Bollywood, hosted TV Asia, anchored Hindi news for ITV, produced films, and wrote and recorded chart-topping Bollywood and pop songs. Immersed in the Indian culture, the political science major speaks three different Indian dialects, as well as Spanish and English. As Senior Vice President of Telebrands, the leading DRTV industry in the world, Khubani has had a vital role in expanding the DRTV market internationally. Poonam says, ” ‘An understanding of political and regulatory forces, nuances of the languages, the economic environment, and lifestyle preferences of the target consumer drives every decision we make. These factors impact everything from product selection and manufacturing to marketing and distribution.’” Khubani is extremely careful of the country’s culture of which Telebrands products enter, and she is successful in driving the sales in those countries. In 2014 alone, Telebrands will have over 20 products being sold in 140 countries on 5 continents. How impressive is that? What is the reason for Telebrand’s international success? It all stems from Khubani’s earned trust in her partners because she always provides honest evaluations of the product’s potential and develops plans that help avoid pitfalls in unfamiliar markets.

If you have a product that has a broad mass market appeal, then getting in touch with Poonam Khubani would be your best bet for success. As a Women Business Leader in America, she is an irreplaceable player in the world of business, and we are so grateful to have her guidance in the most successful DRTV company in the world.

Wow Cups Gets 2014 Product of the Year Award

2014 Best Product Award

2014 Best Product Award

Yesterday, June 4th, it was finally revealed which product received the prestigious 2014 Product of the Year Award from Baby Maternity Magazine for the Feeding Category. What makes this award so prestigious? Let me explain…

Well, the products aren’t just reviewed by any one person. That wouldn’t make it very prestigious now, would it?  But rather, they are reviewed and voted on by the very people, mom’s and moms-to-be, that purchase these products. Each product is related to baby or toddler development and will receive a secondary review conducted by child educators. So, you can tell that the process isn’t very short or lacking in genuineness. Anyways, after this comprehensive review process of over 100 moms and educators and of course, compared to hundreds of other product submissions, Wow Cups was chosen as the best product for feeding for 2014!

We want to thank all the moms, dads and kids for their support and helping us win this award we are very proud of! And, if you are reading this article determining whether to buy a spill-free, mess-free Wow Cup, I hope this has convinced you! Order online today!

Telebrands Is Pitching To Kids!

Telebrands Kids Products

The Record, the largest Daily Newspaper in North Jersey, featured an article this morning with Telebrands and its near future with bringing its “As Seen On TV” pitch to children! The article does a great job of touching on Telebrands past: how it started, how it has succeeded and some of it’s rough patches. It also talks of the amazing work ethic that founder and CEO AJ Khubani utilizes that drives this company further and further into success. And now, the way that Telebrands is expanding its business? Marketing to kids.

The article’s main feature was previewing the upcoming months for Telebrands which involves three new products directed for the use of children. They are the Ball Pets, which are a fun plush ball that when opened, reveals a stuffed animal, the Teddy Tanks, a stuffed animal with a tank as a belly, and Phantom Saucer, a magical illusion that is fun for all kids! These products will be advertised on kids channels as well as being sold in the major retail stores. Khubani even mentioned that Toys “R” Us will be selling the products! “Khubani said telemarketing is perfect training for the toy business, because both businesses must continuously search for hot new merchandise ideas. ‘Our business relies on a constant flow of new product introductions, so we’re already exercising this business model,’ said Khubani.” So, don’t miss out on the kids products you’ll be seeing very, very soon! Ball Pets, Teddy Tanks and Phantom Saucer will be in the house of millions of kids across America! Order yours today!

Click here for the full article.

Why BPA Free?

BPA Free

BPA Free

You may be seeing a lot of items coming out that read “BPA-Free” but why does something need to be BPA Free? Well, BPA stands for bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical that has been used in making plastic and cans since the 1960s. Guess what? That chemical can seep into our food and drinks that are held in that container, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want myself or my kids to be drinking an industrial chemical. Although the FDA reads that BPA in very small amounts will not cause harm, it has been theorized that BPA is a concern because of possible health effects of BPA on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. That possible theory is enough for me to stay far away from BPA containers! 

That’s why Wow Cups is really an amazing product to have. It’s the safe, BPA-Free sippy cup that cannot spill. So, there you have it! Two worries gone–no chemicals seeping into my child’s drink AND there is never a mess for me to clean up! It’s the best invention for children since the baby monitor. Stop worrying. Stop stressing! Order yours today.

Will You Be The Next Entrepreneur?


At Montclair State University in New Jersey, MSU held it’s First Annual Telebrands Inventors Day for Aspiring Entrepreneurs. CEO of Telebrands, AJ Khubani, is a Montclair alumnus and so this very special inventors day was created by him, a successful entrepreneur. He was one of 3 of the judges on the panel who listened to 4 teams pitch their business idea that has been developed in their last two semesters. The competition was fierce, and ultimately, there was only one team winner who took home the $10,000 kick-start money prize!

The experience was unlike any other, thanks to Khubani sharing his advise and expertise on entrepreneurship. Check out some news segments that feature this #MSUPitch Inventors Day and all it had to offer!

Will you be the next inventor for Telebrands? Do you have a solution to an everyday problem? Do you have the next As Seen On TV product? Then submit your idea here, and have a chance to be Telebrand’s next inventor.